Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ticket fees for using Theatre Manager?

ArtsMan's value differentiation is... we do not charge any ticket and/or transaction fees. That means your organization keeps 100% of all fee revenue streams. Most venues find they can recover the entire cost of the project within 6 to 18 months by using the ticket & transaction fee capabilities in Theatre Manager.

Is Theatre Manager PCI Compliant?

Yes, every aspect of Theatre Manager has been designed to be PCI compliant. The software is audited regularly and submitted to the PCI council - please refer to our PCI install instructions to review the current PCI audit status

Is Theatre Manager a web-based product?

No, Theatre Manager does not run in a web browser. It is a fully native client/server solution, which is installed on your computers, entirely within your local area network (LAN). If you'd prefer not to host your own servers, then our private cloud service can host the server for you.

What operating systems does Theatre Manager run on?

The client component is a cross-platform product which can be installed on any computer running either Apple’s OSX or any of the various flavours of Microsoft, i.e. Windows XP Pro, Vista Pro, Windows7 Pro, windows 8. The server components can be installed on OSX, Linux, or Microsoft Server (2003, 2008R2, 2012).

Can Theatre Manager run in a virtualized environment?

Yes, all Theatre Manager components can reside on a virtualized configuration. Many large client sites also implement a single Application Server which allows for multiple client sessions.