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Theatre Manager

TheatreManager Theatre Manager is designed to be an enterprise-wide application that supports all administrative aspects of a venue.

This all-in-one application is not just a ticketing program. Theatre Manager really is a marketing and customer relationship management system. It can handle the majority of the dollar value of sales in a venue. Specifically it does:

  • Ticket Sales (subscriptions and single tickets) extremely well
  • Gift certificate sales and redemptions, passes, membership tracking
  • Marketing, Development and Fundraising

Theatre Manager supports sales via a local box office, remote box office and internet. All sales interact in real-time with the Theatre Manager database, which is located on your server.

Theatre Manager Scanner App

TMScannerApp The Theatre Manager Scanner app is designed to interface with the Linea Pro scanner device. The Linea Pro scanner attaches to either an iPod Touch 5/6 or iPhone 5. The Theatre Manager scanner app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store.



There are a number of other services that we can offer you to complement your Theatre Manager system and experience.

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