Patron & Household CRM

Theatre Manager provides you with the tools to store and organize a multitude of information about your patrons. Every time a patron orders a ticket, makes a donation, purchases a subscription, all this information is stored in one convenient place. Similar to a personal information manager, Theatre Manager is designed to store information about your customers, volunteers and donor prospects, set up schedules, payments and phones calls, and organize email and text documents. With the massive amounts of data a person encounters each day, a single location for storing that data is attractive.

Some of the features of the Patron and Household CRM Module include:

  • Personal demographic data
  • Multiple addresses, phone numbers, email addresses - and controllable scheduled changes of address (summer/winter)
  • Interaction with patron is personalized
  • Relational database design
  • Shared data for all users
  • Integrated operations for your company
  • Multiple mail lists and contact groups
  • Flexible patron classification for mailings
  • User definable marketing fields
  • Ability to segment and analyze sales data to create effective marketing campaigns