Donor & Development Management

Theatre Manager's Donor & Development Module is an all-inclusive tracking option for all unearned income. This module closely follows IRS and CRA guidelines and is built from their recommendations as well as from the needs of our diverse clients. Whether you are looking to manage donations for your Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, or a simple Ticket Round-up, Theatre Manager can provide the entry, accounting, pledge management, tracking/reporting and even print the program insert listing your donors within their respective donor categories.

Some of the features of the module include:

  • Matching Gifts & automatic setup of Matching Gift receivables
  • Pledge schedules & sending of payment reminders
  • To-Do's and Contact Notes specific to each donation
  • Allows multiple Soft Credits per donation
  • Program Years versus Fiscal Year versus Calendar Year
  • Modification of the donation receipt fields
  • Choice of allowing each donation receipt preference
  • Automatic maintaining of Financial Year for past, current, and future years
  • Maintaining Solicitors, and if they received a commission for getting the donation
  • Allowing Program Giving Levels to be calculated on donations, soft credits, and/or matching gifts or a combination of them all.
  • Customized donation specific Marketing Fields.
  • Defaults and customization of Program Names
  • Printing of tax receipts based on 7 different printing options
  • Maintains the next contact date for this patron so the patron can become an annual donor
  • Easy setting of Relationships between the donors, ticket buyers, and volunteers
  • Easy maintenance of who your Matching Gift companies are
  • Specific donor contact marketing flags
  • At a glance overview of donors giving history for the past 8 years, averages, maximums and minimums
  • History tracking of each pledge letter, donation thank you, contact note, and donation tax receipt sent to this patron
  • Vast security access and options available that can be defined for each employee determining what they can and cannot do

Plus the numerous donation detail, summary, giving trends, giving level, reports geared towards telemarketers, board members, development staff, and management.